CMM - Certified Mail Manager


  • 5 years mail management experience
  • Currently employed at in-house environment
  • Job of a managerial nature
  • Verification from employer of profession
  • Pledge to adhere to CMM Code of Ethics
  • Be of high moral character and professional attitude
  • Three letters of recommendation

Application Procedures:

  • At least 30 days prior to the test date, submit to IPMA headquarters:
  • Completed CMM designation application and required supporting documentation.
  • All required letters of recommendation.
  • A registration fee, as specified on the CMM application form.

IPMA headquarters will review all applications to confirm eligibility. All applicants will be contacted and informed of their status as eligible or ineligible for the examination. Eligible applicants will be sent identification and admission documents which must be presented on examination day.

Detailed information and Application can be accessed at this link:


  • Four parts consisting of multiple-choice and essay questions
  • Areas tested: Computer Skills, Financial Management, General Management, Mail Management Personnel Management, Technical Skills
  • Must score 75% or better on each part

IPMA National Headquarters

1205 W. College Ave.

Liberty, Missouri 64069-3733


Contact information:

CMDSM - Certified Mail & Distribution Systems Manager


  • Contact information:
  • Fees: $1,500 which includes tuition and room & board for 1 week
  • 5 years or more work experience
  • Last 3 Years in Managerial role
  • 2 years membership in MSMA or
  • Verification from employer of profession
  • 150 Professional Experience Points - Professional experience - MSMA experience - Non-MSMA experience - Education


  • 135 Multiple-choice (1point each)
  • 5 Essay questions (10 points each)
  • 185 Total possible points
  • 75% correct required to pass

National Headquarters JAF Building

Box 2155 New York, NY 10116-2115

1.800.955.MSMA (6762)

MDP - Mail piece Design Professional


  • Online  program to train mailers to develop mail pieces that meet USPS goal of 100% automation compatibility. A Self-Study Guide (HTML or PDF) is downloadable from USPS website.

Contact information:

  • Classes of Mail
  • Periodicals
  • Processing Categories
  • Addressing
  • USPS Barcodes
  • Automation Requirements
  • Non-automation Mailings
  • Postage Payment Methods
  • Reply and Return Mail
  • Special Service