Bylaw 1.1          The name of this organization shall be the College and University Mail Service Association, hereinafter designated  as CUMSA               

Bylaw 1.2          The objectives of CUMSA shall be:

  1. a) to promote, develop, and unite educational postal employees
  2. b) to facilitate cooperation and communication between its members
  3. c) to provide a means through which CUMSA members’ knowledge and experience can be united for the benefit of all CUMSA members

Bylaw 1.3          CUMSA shall be nonpartisan, nonsectarian, and not for profit association



Bylaw 2.1           The membership of CUMSA shall be open to all educational institutions which have a curriculum leading to a certificate of degree.  The Membership Committee as described in Bylaws Article 7 will be responsible for the approval of all membership requests.                         

Bylaw 2.2           Membership of CUMSA is divided into following categories:

  1. A) Active Membership
  2. B) Associate Membership
  3. C) Retired Membership

Bylaw 2.3        Active Membership is open to any college or university as described in Bylaw 2.1 to be represented by individuals responsible for and/or managerially associated with the operation of a college or university mail service department and directly responsible to and paid directly by the college or university.  Employees of Active Member schools can hold office or be elected to the Board of Directors. Each Active Member school is entitled to one vote per school, which shall be cast by the main point of contact for the member school, as designated in the official membership directory.

Bylaw 2.4        Associate membership is described as a college or university meeting requirements in Bylaws Article 2.1, but with dues unpaid for the current year.  Associate members do not have voting privileges and shall not hold office or be elected to the Board of Directors.  Associate members can become Active Members by paying dues for the current  year.

Bylaw 2.5         Retired Membership is described as a person who has been an active member as describe in Bylaw Article 2.1, but has fully  retired from said college or university and the mailing industry in total.  Retired members do not have voting privileges and shall not hold elected office or be elected to the Board of Directors.  Retired members may serve on committees but not chair any committee they serve on.                              

Bylaw 2.6        Vendors of mail services equipment or independent contractors providing mail services to member institutions may be invited to participate in the CUMSA Annual Conference by the Board of Directors or President of CUMSA, but are not eligible for CUMSA membership.



Bylaw 3.1           CUMSA shall hold an Annual Conference each year at a time and location determined by the Board of Directors. The CUMSA Annual Conference will normally be hosted by member college or university.  During this conference, the general membership business meeting will be conducted.

Bylaw 3.2           Additional meetings of CUMSA may be called  from time to time by the President with Board of Director approval.

Bylaw 3.3           Notice of CUMSA Annual Conference  shall be published to the membership at least sixty days prior to the meeting.

Bylaw 3.4           At any CUMSA Annual Conference, Active Members present shall constitute a quorum for the transaction  of business.



Bylaw 4.1           The officers of CUMSA shall be President, President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer, all of whom shall be elected from among the Active Members of CUMSA.

Bylaw 4.2           Officers shall be elected by ballot mailed to all Active members prior to CUMSA Annual Conference, in the event of no majority on the first ballot, additional ballots shall be taken at once until an election occurs. ballot results will be announced and officers will begin serving terms beginning July 1st. Officers may have to serve until the election of successors.

Bylaw 4.3          Nominations shall be taken by the nominations Committee.  Officers shall be elected by a simple majority of Active Members present and in good standing as stated in Bylaws Article 2.3.  Active Members nominated as officers shall have a minimum of three years Active Membership.

Bylaw 4.4          The President of CUMSA shall have the right to appoint a qualified member to fill any office vacancy that may occur.

Bylaw 4.5          The Secretary and Treasurer of CUMSA may succeed themselves if nominated and elected by the membership.

Bylaw 4.6          The Nominations Committee shall be composed of at least three members: one Past President when possible, and two Active Members-at-large.  At least twenty-one days prior to the CUMSA Annual Conference, the Nominations Committee shall submit to the membership one person for each office to be filled.



Bylaw 5.1          It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings and to enforce all Bylaws and regulations relating to the administration of CUMSA.  Primary responsibilities include:

                          a).  the coordination of all CUMSA internal and external affairs include managing the daily operations.

                          b).  the President shall call the CUMSA Annual Conference and may call additional meetings as described in Bylaws Article 3.2

                          c). the President shall be ex-officio of all committees and shall appoint all standing and ad hoc committees and each committee shall have such authority as delegated by the President.

Bylaw 5.2          In the absence of the President, the President-elect shall have all of the powers and prerogatives of the President. The President-elect shall be the planning officer and  shall coordinate all planning activities of CUMSA to obtain efficient and timely results and shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the President.  This provides a learning experience for the President-elect who moves  into the office of President at the end of the current year.                      

Bylaw 5.3          The Secretary shall:

  1. a) be the custodian of CUMSA records
  2. b) record the minutes of all CUMSA meetings
  3. c) prepare and distribute copies of the minutes to each institution represented by the membership (one copy per college or university)
  4. d) supervise the entering of all resolutions and proceedings of meeting, or of any committee into the proper books of CUMSA.
  5. e) conduct all correspondence related to CUMSA, issue all notice of meetings, and perform all duties as the President may direct.

Bylaw 5.4          The Treasurer shall:

  1. a) be responsible for the financial affairs of CUMSA.
  2. b) receive and disburse all funds
  3. c) be custodian of all property.
  4. d) maintain the financial records of CUMSA and the present     reports on the financial records of CUMSA at each CUMSA Annual Conference.
  5. e) maintain a register of CUMSA members which shall contain the business addresses of members..
  6. f) mail CUMSA dues statements sixty days prior to the start of the business year.
  7. g) perform all other duties ordinarily pertaining to the office of Treasurer or delegated to the Treasure by the President.



Bylaw 6.1     The CUMSA Board of Directors will consists of current officers, the Immediate Past President, standing committee chairs, and four Active Members-at-large.  Votes for the four Active Member-at-large will be by the Active Membership on the same ballot as candidates for office. Board of Directors members may serve consecutive terms if any of the above conditions are met

Bylaw 6.2     The President will be considered the Chairman of the CUMSA Board of Directors and  shall call meetings and set agendas.  The Secretary of CUMSA will be considered the Secretary of the Board of Directors and shall record minutes of each meeting.  The Board of Directors shall meet at least twice a year.

Bylaw 6.3     The duties of the Board of Directors shall be to assist the President in the control and management of CUMSA, to act on matters involved with the expenditures of funds, and to consider and make recommendations to be presented to the voting body. The Board of directors is authorized to speak for CUMSA on matters concerning federal legislation, United States Postal Service policies, or in other capacities as deemed necessary.



Bylaw 7.1     Committees shall be formed to carry out assigned tasks.  Committees shall not have the power to adopt policies or make financial or other commitments without approval of the Board of Directors.  The function and duties of committees may be added to or changed as directed by the Board of Directors.

Bylaw 7.2     Standing committees shall be the Publications Committee, Membership Committee.  The Board of Directors will appoint the Chairs of these standing committees.  Ad Hoc committees shall be approved by the President as needed.

Bylaw 7.3     The President shall be a member of each committee.




Bylaw 8.1     The fiscal year shall be July 1 through June 30.

Bylaw 8.2     Active Membership dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors and announced for the coming fiscal year at CUMSA Annual Conference.

Bylaw 8.3     Notice of dues shall be sent to each member by the Treasurer as described in Bylaws Article 5.4.

Bylaw 8.4     All dues shall be remitted to the CUMSA Treasurer by October 31.

Bylaw 8.5     Registration fees for CUMSA Annual Conference shall be charged to each attendee at each meeting to cover the incidental expenses to CUMSA.

Bylaw 8.6     Registration fees shall vary depending on facilities available and expenses the host school will incur.  Notice of specific registration fees will be included with the CUMSA Annual Conference notice published to the membership sixty days prior to CUMSA Annual Conference.

Bylaw 8.7     In the event CUMSA has excess of receipts over disbursements, it may retain such excess and use any excess in accordance  with CUMSA purpose and objectives as set forth in CUMSA Bylaw Article 1, except that any such excess shall first be used to repay schools any costs incurred by hosting a meeting and which are not covered in registration fees.

Bylaw 8.8      Distribution of funds shall be handled by the following method:

  1. a) less than $100 for routine expenses is paid by the Treasurer.
  2. b) $100 to $ 500 shall require written or e-mail approval by the President.
  3. c) $ 500 to $1000 shall require written or e-mail approval of the President and President-elect.
  4. d) $1000 or more shall require written or e-mail approval of a majority of the Board of Directors.



Bylaw 9.1     CUMSA shall establish affiliations with other regional or national organizations as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.     

Bylaw 9.2     CUMSA shall provide an Active Member each year as a representative to the National Association of College and  University Mail Services (NACUMS). This representative will serve on the Board of Directors of NACUMS with all  the authority as other elected NACUMS board members. The role of this representative will be to share the concerns and interests of CUMSA on a national level.  The representative shall provide communications on activities with NACUMS to the CUMSA general membership.                                      

Bylaw 9.3      The currents CUMSA Board of Directors shall be responsible for the selection of the Active Members to serve with any affiliations.



Bylaw 10.1    CUMSA Bylaw may be amended at any CUMSA Annual Conference by a two-thirds affirmative vote by those member institutions present or by a ballot meeting to all Active Members.                    


Revised April 2002