What our Members are saying about CUMSA….

Raymond J Birmingham

I’m not sure you would remember me since it was 1993 or 94 when I last seen ya’l.  Well I am retiring from Brock University at the end of this year and have started the cleaning process then came across  my membership certificate when good memories came to mind of CUMSA and all the wonderful people I had met in those times I visited. I hope all is well with you and if you could tell all the others that I am thinking of them, even when I go home and enjoy the beautiful print I had won during one of the conferences that keeps you all in my heart and  memories.


Jack Broach, University of West Florida, explains how he has benefited from CUMSA membership. He and UWF Mail Services staff are the 203 recipient of CUMSA's Golden Stamp of Approval Award. Jack says the award has had a positive impact on his organization. He was suprised when his boss announced the award in departmental management meetings, and placed articles in the UWF Administrative Affairs Newsletter and the UWF Fountain employee newsletter. Jack received congratulatory letters from Vice Presidents and the University President "who now recognizes me and calls me by my first name!" He was recognized at the annual employee picnic, and he and his staff were treated to a gourmet, catered meal. In the State of the University address, the President called the award a "positive impression on the institution's reputation". Jack says, "I don't know where I'd be today if I hadn't met so many knowledgeable and helpful CUMSA members and hadn't attended conferences - my guess is I would still be in the dark!".

Jean Good, UVa's College at Wise.  Before CUMSA I would sit and wonder about all the College and University campuses out there who handled mail. I'd wonder how do they deal with the daily problems I was experiencing. I would think there should be a forum / a way for us to get together. I'd feel like I just could not be unique -- there had to be others out there just like me. Before CUMSA,I felt so alone. Then I found CUMSA and a whole world opened up for me. I was no longer alone, but there were people out there just like me. I now had names and faces and answers to my problems. It changed everything for me. I now had a support group. A group of people I could call or e-mail with my problems. And of course the annual conferences gave me the most benefit. I always come away not only with solutions to my problems, buy with a renewed sense of accomplishment, energy, and ready to tackle my daily problems with renewed vigor! Then I had the pleasure to actually win an award (CUMSA Mail Manger of the Year 2003) with CUMSA. This was more then I could ever dream. It, not only gave me pride, but also gave me recognition on campus for the work I do. THANK YOU CUMSA!!!!


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